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Artist is LaineNyah. Art can be found at www.furaffinity.net/user/lainenyah

Here is both completed badges:

I do not have a receipt for the animethon badge. I do have one for the other, if you guys want it, I can post it later.

I commissioned her at animethon and a month after animethon. Around sept. 12th, I got a note saying this:

<lj-cut text= I put the story here cause its long </lj-cut>

So both should have been sent on the 13th.

I waited a long while, and I think at the end of january I emailed her again, asking where my badges were. Her response is at the top. She then proceeds to tell me, she is doing an iron artist, and when she hits 25 commissons, she will do a mass ship. Keep in min my badges have been done for 5 months!

As of today, she only has 6 people signed up for her Iron Artist, which pretty much makes me think I will never see them.

She did send me this note, saying she would have them shipped out by the end of the month, but I am just fed up.

I sent her a note yesterday, still no answer.

Seriously Laine. I'm kinda getting sick of this. I understand you have to laminate them etc, I don't care. Send them un-laminated if it means I will get them any sooner.
I shouldn't have to wait until you get 25 other people to pay you in order to get MY items from over 5 months ago. One that was commissioned at Last Animethon ( 6 ish months ago).
I'm sorry to be snappy, but 6 months is ridiculous.

I like the artist, I like her work, but she seriously has her priorities mixed up. She has taken alot of commissions since mine, I did pay for shipping, they SHOULD have been shipped out by now.
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